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No sound and cant turn the image to enlarge it. Too small to read.

This was a waste of money and memory to install.

iCloud for a dummy

I found these videos to be very useful and informative. I learned so much about photo sharing, syncing calendars, and other sharing capabilities.


I dont know anything about the cloud so I thought these videos would help, and boy did they. Now I understand it, and whats nice is I can go back and re watch a video to help me get it. This app would be especially helpful if you have more than one Apple product.

No sound

Not much of an app without sound. Will re-rate if sounds comes with third download.

No sound plays

No sound plays with video on iPad Air iOS 8.

Easy and useful

Cool videos, professionally done, no ads, and easy to understand. Im not a big "tech" person and I mainly wanted to understand the difference between photo stream and camera roll. I now "get it." Highly recommended. Sound works on my iPhone and iPad, both with iOS 8.

Great app

Very useful. I had no clue what iCloud was all about, and now I feel comfortable using it. Very simple, clear instructions. Highly recommended.

Very informative

I would highly recommend this app. If you want to understand icloud this will answer a lot of your questions. I had a small problem with download and sent email to Tyler. He answered within 15 minutes and solved the glitch. App is well done and easy to use.

Thank You!!!

This really helped get me started with iCloud. Cant thank you enough!

iCloud made REALLY simple!

Love this app! Its organized, easy to follow, and user friendly. If you do run into a problem or question, though, Tyler Dix is the bomb!! He makes everything so simple to do. If you have to write a message to him, he has the subject line filled in for you already. (I never know what to write there!) Hes a wealth of knowledge, hes friendly, and he responds quickly. Thanks for turning something intimidating into something easy and fun to use!!

What about movies ?!?

I need to upload my personal movie to I cloud , I need streaming my movies to different devices , I need something like my I tune movie collection for my personal movies . Why I cant find anything about this !?!?

Videos Only

I thought this app from appearance was a better/easier way to help manage your icloud account. I just bought this app and downloaded over 100megs to watch some videos about icloud, which I already knew. If you want some video instruction on icloud, this is for you. If you are loin for anything other than that, this is not the app.

Great Support

Excellent intro to the iCloud world. Each area (BU, contacts, keychain, etc) has its own video. That makes it easy to review a subject without having to wade through everything. But the best thing is the support. Tyler was the epitome of knowledge and perseverence as he helped me get my stubborn contacts to the cloud. This is what tech support should be.

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